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Akodo Peninsula

Imedu , Along Igbogun Road Ibeju-LekkiI

Many Nigerians, particularly those living in Lagos, will wake up one morning  to the news that Lagos State Government is commissioning a brand new SMART CITY modeled  after DUBAI, and would be wondering with regret why they didn’t get to hear early enough to invest in it.

Well, let’s save you the regrets as PAZINO ECC presents a golden opportunity to invest in and build your home in AKODO PENINSULA HOMES & GARDENS which is adjacent to the New Lagos State Smart City. The Estate is a dry land with smart layout facilities to complement  even smarter interior fittings. Excised from any known government interest, each plot has the standard measurement of 600sqm and goes for N3.54m. Outright payment attracts 10% discount.

This axis promises to be an international destination hub hence any investment in this Garden is bound to appreciate rapidly. To make investment in AKODO PENINSULA HOMES & GARDENS easier, PAZINO ECC is offering this Garden for sale with a convenient payment plan spread over two to thirty six months.


Payment Plan

Outright Payment Plan N 3,186,000
6 months Payment Plan: N 3,540, 000
12 months Payment Plan: N 3,610, 800


Perimeter fencing
Access Road
Central waste management systems
Central security system
Central water system
central power system

Development / Neighbourhood Attractions

Notable developments within the environs of Akodo Peninsula are as follows: OK LNG Project
Sea Port
La Campagne Tropicana Resort
Lekki - Epe Airport
Private Islands
Lagos Free Trade Zone

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