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Pazino ECC acquisition team is responsible for creating and executing our real property acquisition, site engineering efforts, real estate development plans and document regularization with government.

Our projects are driven by superior design for a better life, building brands that clearly reflect better life for clients and adding value to communities.

Our current schemes are located at the heart of the ‘New Mega City in Ibeju – Lekki L.G.A of Lagos State, an area currently enjoying road network transformation to service huge investment in commerce, industry and new town developments.

Post-Acquisition Construction

The property upon full payment and acquisition will be developed by our company or can be developed by individual owners themselves, adhering to set construction standards and quality. The property can be developed into any of the following options: 3 Bedroom Detached Bungalows, 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalows, 4 Bedroom Detached Bungalows, 4 Bedroom Semi - Detached Bungalows, Block of 3 Bedroom Flats, 4 Bedroom Semi - Detached Duplexes with One Bedroom Boy’s Quarters, 4 Bedroom Detached Duplexes with One Bedroom Boy’s Quarters.