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Our Partners

We partner with individuals, government establishment and corporate bodies in the areas of large projects, estate developments, facility management.

PazinoECC Partnership Ideology


Our Partners

Pazino Engineering & Construction Company Limited is concerned with delivering quality service to all her customers. We deliver excellent service with compliance international standard, codes and certifications. We partner with individuals, government establishment and corporate bodies in the areas of large projects, estate developments, facility management.


We pledge our firm commitment towards research and development into new technologies and processes in all our fields of endeavors. This further assure clients of the latest available systems for their solutions at lower costs. We seek partners (individuals and corporate bodies) in the areas of: Pazino ECC Land Banking Scheme Pazino Lagoon Resort Pazino ECC Joint Venture

Land Banking

Land Banking is a Proven Concept Pre-planning purchase of residential, commercial, green belt and pre-development investment-grade land is nothing new - large developers and the super-rich have been doing it for decades. They "stockpile" land into their own land banks for future development use. What is new, however, is that we at Pazino Engineering & Construction Company Limited are pleased to offer this unique opportunity to qualified investors. Every developer knows that each town and city must grow outward, absorbing undeveloped land. Clearly, it is preferable and far more profitable to buy land prior to planning applications being submitted. Having gained planning permission the land may then increase in value 200% to 500%. There are no complicated concepts that investors need to understand with land. Simply, there is an ever-increasing demand for expansion with a limited supply of land for purchase. Land Banking Advantages are: Land is real. Unlike shares, land is tangible - it can be visited, seen and walked on. There is a limited supply of land. It is easy to understand and is viewed as a solid investment. Land is not open to accounting scandals and when property prices are going up (or down), the reason for this movement is clear. It is an inexpensive way to invest in property. Land increases in value in two ways: By property values rising due to demand outstripping supply. By re-zoning the land (gaining permission) to have houses or business parks built on the land. Historically, land banking has proven to be a secure, profitable investment.


If you would like further information about Pazino ECC Land Banking investments or for more details on the application process, please send an email to: info@pazinoecc.com

Pazino Resort

We seek the interest of investors (local and foreign) in our Resort Development that is situated on an Island in Mafogunde Area of Ibeju Lekki Lagos State. Sitting on over 5 acres of land, the Resort promises to be classic holiday and recreation centre with a state of the art facilities matching international standards with its serene and lovely atmosphere of the Ibeju Lekki area.

Pazino Joint Venture

Pazino ECC joint venture is a contractual business undertaking between us and other parties. It is similar to a business partnership, with one key difference: our partnership generally involves an ongoing, long-term business relationship. Individuals or companies are invited to enter joint ventures with us in order to share strengths, minimize risks, and increase competitive advantages in the marketplace.